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First-Rate HR Consultancy

Interims In HR is nothing if not client-focused: your issues are my first concern. My business is ready to provide you with the best HR consulting services in town. Get in touch through the website and I can set an appointment to get started on a way to improve your current management approach. My main goal is to make your professional life easier and, hopefully, more enjoyable.

What I Offer

I have worked with startups, individuals and trade bodies to help them re-engineer their businesses in a number of ways – including scaling up, scaling down, diversifying or streamlining services, and implementing other techniques for growth or retention. If you are planning on pivoting but aren’t sure of the best way to pull it off, get in touch. My unique skillset has helped small companies become bigger and good ones become great. Product launches, brand extensions, brand positioning and pricing are just some of the areas that I cover.

Years of Experience Under My Belt

My services include change management implementation, strategic planning, workflow process improvements and the integration of software. I have broad experience in delivering tangible business improvements that positively impact future growth. I always conduct a full business review in addition to assessing local market conditions to ensure that I understand your goals as well as your constraints. This allows me to offer tailored advice that is both relevant and applicable.

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